10 Interesting Dog Facts For German Shepherd Lovers

German shepherd breed;

Other names: Alsatian, Berger Allemand , Deutscher Schäferhund ,GSD , Schäferhund, German Shepherd Dog;

Origin: Germany;

Size: Large dog breeds;

Group of herding dog breeds;

Life expectancy: 7-12 years;

Temperament/Activity Gentle, Intelligent, Good-natured, Kind, Outgoing, Agile;

Height at the withers: Males: 60-65 cm, Females: 55-60 cm;

Weight: Males: 30-40 kg, Females: 22-32 kg;

Dog coat colors: Most commonly tan with black saddle, black, black-brown of various tones, wolf gray;

Puppy price; about $500-$1000;

Hypoallergenic; no.

#1 Opinions differ on the German shepherd. Hardly any other dog in the world is so well-known and popular, but hardly any other breed has so many enemies. Perhaps even more than other breeds, German Shepherds are what their masters make them out to be.

#2 This must always be borne in mind before purchasing a German Shepherd puppy. Untrained, left to their own devices or even turned on, a shepherd becomes a nuisance or even a danger to his environment. In the right hands, however, he can become a real dream dog. A very solid basic education is important to keep the dog under control at all times.

#3 In addition, German Shepherds need a job that challenges them both physically and mentally. This can be found, for example, in the various dog sports disciplines such as obedience, agility or tracking.

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