10 Fantastic Dog Breeds For Your Children

Dogs are one of the best friends that children can have; they are protective and great friends for children of all ages and personalities. And if you are someone who feels that your child could use the great company, then this article is for you.

Getting a dog for your children is a great choice, as they make one of the greatest pets of all time. However, you can get confused about which dog breed might be the most suitable for your children since there are so many breeds of them.

And to help you with this dilemma, we’ve listed the ten fantastic dog breeds for kids. Read this article to learn more!

10 Fantastic Dog Breeds For Your Children


To begin, we have one of the amazing options: mutts. It is important not to be disheartened or sad if mutts aren’t your family’s first choice, as many families prefer purebreds over mixed breeds like mutts.

But regardless of the breed type, mutts are an excellent choice when it comes to selecting a pet for your children. Mutts are often the breed that is found in rescue houses, so you can definitely visit your nearby dog rescue home.
You can learn more about the dog’s behavior by adopting it from the rescue homes, as the people training them to spend a great deal of time with the breed.
When taking care of the dogs, they are well-versed in their personalities and routines. And if you are going for a mutt, the personnel in the rescue and shelter will be able to answer all your queries about mutts!

Golden Retriever

Among many breeds, Golden Retrievers are very courageous, generous, perceptive, and devoted canines. It is an excellent choice for children because it is neither frightening nor aggressive, so this could be another dog breed that you can go for.

While the dog breed does require a greater number of activities, they also love playing, specifically various retrieving activities. Not only that, playful Golden Retrievers are frequently found to be very submissive and affectionate as well, so your kids will definitely like them right away.

Their gorgeous golden coats need to be brushed twice a week in order to maintain proper upkeep. Hence, if mutts aren’t your type, maybe a golden retriever is.

Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retriever is among the most well-liked dog breeds, and for very good reason—it is playful, tolerant, affectionate, protective, and trustworthy. Another benefit is that labs are quite intelligent and adapt easily to teaching.

They enjoy swimming, so they need tons of exercise, so ensure that your family is up for the ultimate challenge. Make sure your children have plenty of room to run around and play.
Chocolate Labs, Black Labs, and Yellow Labs – all possess the same qualities of endurance, obedience, and strength that have made them such a well-liked breed.

Since they have short coats and get along well with most people and other animals, these friendly dogs actually just require weekly combing to stay healthy and clean. Regardless, Labradors do shed, so be ready to routinely wipe off their hair.


Apart from having very different hairstyles, the poodle is also very kind dog and intelligent. It is proud and graceful, loving and devoted, and rarely gets bored or frustrated.

Poodles come in both regular and miniature sizes, so you can select the one that most closely fits your living situation. As poodles shed relatively little, they are excellent for children with allergies.
The benefits of each breed vary a lot. If we were to talk about a breed of poodle being intelligent and obedient then the Standard Poodle breed is extremely playful, and daring and can be the one for your children.

Regardless of the fact that they are frequently reserved among strangers, poodles get along well with friends and little children.

Despite this, miniature poodles are good with other animals and children but have a tendency to devote themselves to one person in particular. They are perceptive, submissive, receptive, and fun. However, poodles of all kinds do require proper routine maintenance for their furry coats.

In case you are a fan of both Labradors and Poodle, then a mini labradoodle could be the ideal choice for you.

Irish Setter

Irish Setters are playful and active dogs with red coats who enjoy the company of people as well as playing with kids. Irish Setter actually dislikes being alone and enjoys being surrounded with their family; hence, when Setters are near the ones that they adore the most, they act at their finest.
This dog is an excellent match for active kids and requires a lot of activity.

The Irish Setter is an intelligent and trainable dog that makes an excellent companion for anyone or any family with a yard.

Due to their long coats, Irish Setters require brushing and grooming frequently to avoid developing hair mats.


Although this breed isn’t exactly well-known—mostly because they require a lot of exercises, they’re actually among the greatest dog breeds for enthusiastic and active households with older children.
The Vizsla is devoted and affectionate, with a cheerful mood and a mild demeanor.

The Vizsla is also submissive, self-assured, and intelligent. This kind of dog has very strong bonds with its family members as well as picks up new skills quickly. Since vizslas have shorter fur coats, they require little effort to care for and can be a good dog breed for you.


The Newfoundland, sometimes also called “Nature’s Babysitter”, is said to be the world’s greatest and smartest breed. These dogs also tend to adore children and be fiercely protective of them.
This dog breed is nearly like the Mother Teresa of dogs—compassionate, gentle, and patient. This big, adorably cute dog will win the hearts of both younger and older family members.

Although they have a reputation for excessive drooling and shedding, Newfoundlands are best suited for families with vast, open areas and shouldn’t be allowed to live outside in the backyard due to these characteristics.

The long coats of Newfoundland will also need routine maintenance and grooming. Newfoundland is an excellent swimmer who has been credited with saving lives in dire circumstances.

Don’t be hesitant to give them work that demands a little more effort on their side because they are easily trained and very task-oriented.

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier, which has an unfair reputation for being a rather aggressive animal, was originally developed to be a companion dog that is kind and friendly to both adults and children.

Keep in mind that your Bull Terrier is prone to mischief, particularly when it comes to smaller dogs and animals. Keep your pet bull terrier busy every day, both emotionally and physically, to avoid issues. And as for its fur, its short, flat coat is simple to maintain.


The Beagle is a wonderful breed for families because of its small size; it is actually portable. Due to their strong construction and heritage as the ultimate hunting dogs, beagles are always up for playing.

If your children like the backcountry and outdoors then this breed is a perfect fit because they love being outdoors and hiking the trails.

The Beagle is intelligent, amiable, and generally good with other animals as well. Since they shed, they need to be brushed and bathed frequently.


The Bulldog is the breed to choose if you want a dedicated, patient dog that will behave affectionately around children. The strong psychology of the Bulldog makes it ideal for children. It won’t, however, take home any prizes for the “most spirited dog.”

The Bulldog is a calm, devoted, and amiable dog that gets along pretty well with both other animals and also dogs. Most are also good with strangers and get along with other animals, which makes the Bulldog the ideal choice for an active, social household. They can fit easily when it comes to big homes and tiny apartments due to their smaller size.

If you or your family is considering getting a bulldog, bear in mind that due to their constricted jaw, they will require a little additional attention when having their teeth cleaned. Moreover, snoring, wheezing, as well as even drooling are actually very normal behavioral patterns of this breed.


To sum it up, there are many kinds of breeds when it comes to dogs.

From toy Poodles to Bulldogs, the options are endless, and we hope that you got the idea of what breeds to choose from for your children as we outlined above about the ten fantastic dog breeds for your children above.

We also hope that you and your children will have a great time with your new dog!

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