16 Duck Tolling Retriever Facts So Interesting You’ll Say, “OMG!”

The smallest retriever comes from the Nova Scotia peninsula in southern Canada. Ducks and geese rest there. The Indians used their dogs to imitate the copper-colored Canadian fox, which wagged its tail and hopped back and forth along the bank until the inquisitive ducks swam close enough to be grabbed by foxes lurking in hiding.

#1 The settlers took advantage of this unusual method of hunting and bred the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever from native russet Indian dogs, cocker spaniels, setters and collies.

#2 From a hiding place, the hunter causes the dog to play and romp on the bank.

When the ducks are close enough, he calls the dog into hiding and comes out, and the ducks fly up and are shot.

#3 The dog now brings the birds out of the water onto land. He is considered a robust, reliable retriever who does not shy away from icy water.

The "Toller" is a lively, playful, easily trainable, and obedient family dog that can also be used in local hunting trials for retrievers.

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