Zebra Finches: Fun and Games

In their home country Australia, zebra finches spend a large part of the day searching for food. In the cage and aviary, on the other hand, they live like in a land of milk and honey. The feed comes at the same time every day and is also chopped up so that it is suitable for the beak. The danger of the sweet life: the birds become dull and fat. There is only one thing that can help: exercise!

Which Toys are Good for the Zebra Finch?

Zebra finches do not need toys in the sense of bells, colorful plastic balls, plastic birds, mirrors, etc. It could even make them sick! As toys for zebra finches, however, very well-branched branches such as corkscrew willow, corkscrew hazelnut, or other trees, on which they can climb and play all day, are suitable.

Favorite Activity Swings

Zebra finches love to rock for life. Branches wrapped in millet are suitable for this, as are swings, a large selection of which your Fressnapf store has available. Rocking crosses, swings with sisal, swing rings, or self-made swings made of natural wood and sisal rope – the main thing is that something moves and you can swing back and forth on it. You will see, even zebra finches never get bored of swinging.

By the way, nests can also be a good toy for zebra finches, especially in a shared apartment with men. Then the gentlemen are busy all day expanding their sleeping nests. Very curious structures can arise that would have deserved an architecture award!

Foraging is a Pleasure

As in the wild, zebra finches love to work as house birds for their food. Your home should therefore offer the possibility of hiding food. Grains, greens, and lettuce taste much better if you first have to search and then pull on the food you find before you can enjoy the good. In addition to the employment, this will surely bring a kind of sense of achievement for your feathered friends.

You can easily make your own food hiding places out of cardboard and wood, but there are also toys to fill them in your Fressnapf store.

Fortunately, There is a Bathtub

Fortunately for you, zebra finches only really need one thing: a sufficiently large bathtub or a bathing house. There people drink and bathe, in a company and also alone. You should definitely note: The water must not be too cold and it must be changed daily. A water fountain is a luxury that you can of course allow your little flying artists to enjoy for their own pleasure as well.

You see, your otherwise frugal friends definitely have their preferences when it comes to spending their free time. After all, what would bird life be without joy? And in the end, you benefit most when your darlings are doing really well.

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Written by Mary Allen

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