Your Dog Will Live A Long And Healthy Life With These Tips

Every dog ​​owner wants to spend as much time with his dog as possible. The lifespan of a dog depends, among other things, on its breed. In addition, owners can also give their dogs a long life. These tips will help.

Whether you adopted your dog as a puppy or as an adult dog from an animal shelter, the health of your four-legged friend is definitely important to you. And a healthy dog ​​is more likely to live a long canine life. That’s why there are some tips to help you increase your dog’s lifespan. They range from proper nutrition and dental care to medical care:

Exercise and Diet

You can easily copy many of these tips from yourself: for dogs, as well as for humans, adequate exercise and a healthy diet are the cornerstones of a healthy and long life. It also means that you are not giving your dog too much food than it actually needs. This is because overweight dogs increase the risk of heart disease and joint problems.

Your dog will also maintain a healthy weight through exercise. In addition, numerous studies show that exercise in dogs reduces stress, has a balancing effect, and supports cardiovascular health.

Dental Care

In all honesty, you may have neglected to take care of your dog’s teeth so far. Then you are like many other dog owners. However, at the latest, you should start now. Regular brushing of your teeth reduces the risk of plaque, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. The latter is often associated with heart disease and organ damage.

So: get your (dog’s) toothbrush and brush your dog’s teeth regularly! Also, hand out gummies and tooth sticks, and your four-legged friend’s dental health will be good again.

Regular Veterinary Visits

You should see your dog to the vet once a year. He can completely check your four-legged friend – by the way, including teeth. When in doubt, the disease can be recognized earlier than if you only see your veterinarian if you have symptoms.

Mental Advancement

In addition to physical activity, mental activity is also important. Your dog shouldn’t be bored. Mental health problems make dogs as unhappy as we are. For example, you can teach your four-legged friend new tricks, play with him, or let him interact with others of his species. Social contacts also affect your dog’s mental health. With other dogs – but also with you. So give him and yourself time to cuddle and play over and over.


With all the excitement, you can give your dog breaks and rest in between. Pets also need regeneration to get new energy for refueling.

Some More Tips for Dog Health

Even if we gave you a lot of advice, don’t forget to just enjoy the moments with your dog. Your time together is precious, and even with the most tender care, miracles will not happen overnight. Have fun with your dog – after all, mental health increases life expectancy.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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