These 10 Tips Will Get Your Cat Fit And Energetic Through The Winter

Cats love it warm. When it gets cold outside, many velvet paws don’t like it at all. In addition, some diseases threaten in winter. In this way you give your cat a nice and cozy winter, get them fit and vital through the cold season and strengthen their immune system.

Many cats are real sun lovers and enjoy the warmth. They don’t like the cold that much. In addition, cats are also more susceptible to some diseases in winter. In winter you should pay special attention to one or the other aspect when keeping and caring for cats so that they stay healthy. With these 10 tips, your cat will stay fit, vital, and happy even in winter!

A Winter Massage for the Cat

Make your cat purr! If she is in the mood to cuddle, the time for a massage is perfect. Gently massage your cat’s neck by placing your thumb and forefinger on the sides of the cat’s neck and gently kneading the fur here. Finally, rub your thumb towards the back of the neck several times. For your cat: pure relaxation. A massage also stimulates the cat’s blood circulation. This is how the winter can be endured!

The Right Amount of Food for Cats in Winter

In the wintertime, the optimal amount of food for cats often changes: If the cat spends a lot of time outside in the cold, it needs more energy and therefore more food. If, on the other hand, it becomes more sluggish and sleeps more, its energy requirements drop. Therefore, pay attention to your cat’s behavior and adjust the amount of food slightly if necessary.

Especially during the Christmas season, people often cook hearty meals. Many cat owners tend to spoil their cats with a lot of treats at this time – in addition to the normal food. It can quickly happen that the cat weighs a little more during the routine check-in spring. So be careful not to overfeed your cat in winter. Being overweight can be dangerous.

Keep Your Cat Fit With Games in Winter

When it gets cold outside, cats often become sluggish, outdoor cats often don’t like going outside as much and therefore move less. However, exercise is very important for the cat, especially in winter, so that it stays healthy and fit and does not become overweight.

Therefore, motivate your cat to play several small games every day. Both physical and mental games are important for cat fitness. Even if she might seem a bit sluggish at first, she will soon enjoy playing games with you.

Avoid Dry Heating Air

Dry air from heating is often a problem for cats in winter: the skin and mucous membranes dry out and the cat’s fur becomes dull. You can remedy this with a drinking fountain. This kills several birds with one stone: the cat is encouraged to drink and the air in the room is humidified. The drinking fountains are available in so many different designs that you will definitely find a model that you also like the look of.

Strengthen the Cat’s Immune System

In order for your cat to get fit through the winter, you should pay particular attention to strengthening its immune system. Because in the cold season, cats are also more susceptible to infections, colds, fever, and the like.

Experts from HeelVet, a manufacturer of biological veterinary medicines, state that the basis for a strong immune system in cats is species-appropriate housing, diet, activity, and, in particular, avoidance of stress. This makes you more susceptible to diseases.

In addition, you can strengthen your cat’s immune system with food supplements. This is often useful, especially with old or sick cats. However, you should ask your veterinarian for advice beforehand.

Cat Grooming in Winter

Cats lose dead hair not only during the molting season in spring and autumn but every day. Especially in winter, when the cat’s fur becomes thick and plush, it is important to support the cat in grooming. This is especially important for outdoor cats and long-haired cats that come in from outside. Because when the weather is bad, the fur can easily get dirty or matted. Most cats also enjoy being pampered.

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