You Should Know That When You Keep Dwarf Rabbits

Dwarf rabbits are cute and cuddly. Often the ideal pet for people who work. They are small and invite you to cuddle up after work in every way. But no matter how cute the little rabbits are, you have to pay attention to a few things when keeping them. We give you tips on how to keep dwarf rabbits properly.

A Purchase Has to Be Well Thought Out

Dwarf rabbits can generally be kept without the landlord’s permission, as they are small animals. The hopping roommates have special needs that should definitely be taken into account. It is in their nature to dig tunnels and caves. It is therefore difficult to keep the little rabbits in the apartment to capacity, even if they can run around in the garden in summer. The enclosure must always be well designed and offer enough freedom of movement and employment opportunities. In addition, they should have opportunities to dig and have contact with their own species.

Who will take care of the daily maintenance? What happens to the animal during the holidays? Can the vet be paid? You should think about all these questions before buying a dwarf rabbit and, at best, define tasks beforehand. You should also be aware that keeping rabbits is a demanding task.

Rabbits Communicate with Body Language

Dwarf rabbits behave differently than dogs or cats, for example. They are very calm and gentle animals. If there is danger or excitement, they pound the ground with their hind legs. At acute risk, they can also hiss, growl or even scream and defend themselves with scratching and biting. When they make “males”, they want to get a better overview of the environment. You can tell whether your rabbit is relaxed when it lies on its side with elongated hind legs.

Rabbits are very scary animals, so you should always approach the enclosure carefully. You should also not reach for the animal. You can tame it by carefully and patiently feeding it out of your hand over and over again. You should also teach your children how to handle the new family member carefully because the animals are sensitive.

A Lot of Exercises is Essential for a Happy Rabbit

If you buy a dwarf rabbit, you should always remember that the animals have a great urge to move around and a great need for company. Even a guinea pig cannot replace its own conspecifics, which is why rabbits should always be kept in small groups. You should have bucks castrated. There should be a spacious, well-structured enclosure in order to minimize the potential for conflict within the group.

Indoor Keeping of Dwarf Rabbits

The commercially available cages do not offer the rabbits a good housing option due to their high urge to move around. Their muscles recede and the too-small size of the enclosure can even lead to behavioral disorders, such as nibbling on the bars, stereotypical pawing, or biting.

A whole corner of the room should therefore be redesigned for the little rabbits to ensure that they are kept appropriately. However, the enclosure should not be visible from all sides, nor should it be inaccessible to dogs and cats. It should also not be on the window or the heater. For the animals, the comfortable temperature is between 18 ° C and 20 ° C. Each animal also needs its own house to sleep and retreat to. Litter should be in several layers. The first layer is newspaper or cellulose with absorbent bark material, hemp, or small animal litter over it. The animals should have a layer of hay or straw as the top layer. All litter should be changed once a week.

You should also remember to build raised levels such as boxes and tree trunks in the enclosure so that the rabbits have a lookout. The animals also need employment opportunities, such as non-toxic branches to gnaw, as well as tubes and rhizomes to hide. As a way of digging, large bowls can be filled with earth or sand for the animals. It is best to raise bowls for water and food. You can use a bowl filled with litter in a certain corner of the enclosure to ensure that the animals do their “business” there. The litter in the area of ​​a preferred toilet corner should be renewed daily.

Outdoor Housing of Dwarf Rabbits

Dwarf rabbits can also live in the outdoor enclosure all year round. It is best to put the animals outside when the nights remain frost-free. This is the best way to get used to the new surroundings and the new temperatures. As with keeping them indoors, there should be enough places to hide and plenty of hay and straw to keep them warm. An insulated hut with several levels serves as protection against moisture and frost in winter. The outdoor enclosure should be designed as varied as the indoor enclosure using different natural materials. You should make sure that the enclosure is break-in and break-in-proof. It is best if you cover the enclosure and dig in. In addition, the ground should be additionally secured with underground protection, as the animals are passionate cave-builders.

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