Parasites in Dogs: That You Should Know

When walking the dog every day, some dangers can lurk. One of them is infection with parasites. Whether in your garden, in public parks, or the forest – the risk of infection is everywhere. Other dogs can also infect your dog.

Above all, areas that are regularly visited by dogs, such as public dog zones, pose a risk for dogs and humans. The risk of infection from other dogs is high. However, many parasites such as wormsfleasticks, and viruses can sometimes survive on the earth for years and thus infect other animals.

Infection from worms usually comes through the mouth or when your dog sniffs around something infested with active larvae. Infection by worms can be dangerous, also because you do not notice the infestation immediately. Worms reproduce very quickly on the dog’s body and weaken it. Worms can also infect other animals and humans through physical contact. One of the most common pests is dishworms. More dangerous and less common are whipworms or hookworms that live in the dog’s intestines. Tapeworms are particularly common when a dog has had fleas before.

To avoid infecting your dog, regular deworming makes sense. Especially dogs that are often in popular dog zones should be treated monthly. Flea and tick prophylaxis should also be carried out.

To find the right therapy for your dog, you should have it thoroughly examined by the vet so that the right remedy can be found. Dewormers are usually well tolerated. If you don’t want to deworm your dog regularly, you should at least have a stool sample taken by the vet every few months. Also, be sure to always collect and dispose of dog waste to prevent possible parasite infection.

Ava Williams

Written by Ava Williams

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