Wild Boar: What You Should Know

Wild boars are mammals. They live in the forest and in the fields and basically eat everything they can find. They are found throughout Europe and Asia. People bred domestic pigs from wild boars.

The wild boars dig in the ground for their food: roots, mushrooms, beechnuts, and acorns are part of their diet, but also worms, snails, and mice. But they also like to eat corn from the fields. They dig up potatoes and bulbs. They cause great damage to farmers and gardeners because they stir up entire fields.

Wild boar have always been hunted in Europe. The hunters call the wild boar “wild boar”. The male is the boar. It weighs up to 200 kilograms, which is about as heavy as two fat men. The female is the bachelor. It weighs around 150 kilograms.

Wild boar mate around December. The gestation period is almost four months. There are three to eight cubs, each weighing about one kilogram. They are called piglets until they are about a year old. The sow nurses her for about three months. Young animals like to be eaten: by wolves, bears, lynxes, foxes, or owls. Only about every tenth newborn, therefore, reaches the fourth year of life.

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