Vaccination Against Rabies: Necessary for Cats?

When is vaccination against rabies useful for cats? Although the viral disease is considered to be eradicated in this country, free-lancers should still be vaccinated. This is even mandatory when traveling abroad.

Vaccination against rabies is not absolutely necessary for indoor cats, although some vets recommend it. However, it is almost impossible for your house tiger to come into contact with the deadly pathogen, especially since Germany is considered rabies-free. It is best to weigh up the pros and cons of vaccination against rabies with your veterinarian.

Be Sure to Have Outdoor Cats Vaccinated

The situation is different when your cat is outdoors. Although the probability of an infection occurring is also low here, it cannot be completely ruled out. Vaccination against rabies not only protects your four-legged friend from the disease, which is always deadly but also you personally, your family, and other animals that could become infected.

Vaccination Against Rabies is Mandatory When Traveling

If you want to travel within the EU with your velvet paw or move abroad, you must be able to prove that your cat has been vaccinated against rabies in your pet passport. The goal of compulsory vaccination in Europe is to contain deadly rabies. In countries where, for example, it has not yet been eradicated across the board, vaccination can save your cat’s life – for example, if it escapes and encounters an infected animal.

So never miss out on this important travel vaccination for your cat. Cats can be vaccinated against rabies from the age of twelve weeks. The immunization needs to be refreshed about every three to four years. 

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