Sudden Uncleanliness: Is the Cat Sick?

Sudden uncleanliness in cats can have very different causes – since illnesses can also be behind it, the first way to clarify should always be to the veterinarian.

It’s still important that you can judge for yourself whether your cat’s lack of cleanliness is due to an illness. On the one hand, so that you don’t punish your four-legged friend for a little mishap on the carpet or the sofa, because if it’s sick, it can’t help it. Second, so you can keep a close eye on it while you wait for your vet appointment. Your observations of other symptoms may help the veterinarian make a diagnosis more quickly.

Sudden Uncleanliness: Is the Cat Sick?

A common cause of sudden uncleanliness in cats is urinary tract and bladder problems. These diseases cause pain, which in turn means that the cat does not like going to the litter box and prefers to do business elsewhere. Also pay attention to symptoms that often accompany the illnesses, such as constant scratching in the litter box and constant visits to the toilet with little urination. Some cats suddenly avoid the litter box altogether.

Restlessness, aggressiveness, loud meowing after going to the toilet, and constant cleaning and licking of the genital area can also occur. In the case of kidney diseases, on the other hand, symptoms such as diarrhealoss of appetite, and listlessness often occur. Sick animals drink a lot of water and go to the litter box much more often than usual. However, they don’t always make it there in time, which can result in sudden uncleanliness.

What You Can Do Before Going To the Vet

While you’re waiting for your vet appointment, make sure your cat has plenty of fresh water and, if possible, don’t feed it dry food, only wet or bland cat food. Your fluid requirements are increased in the urinary tract and kidney diseases.

If possible, provide it with one or two more litter boxes so that it doesn’t have to walk far, and provide her with a place where she is warm, quiet, and comfortable. Also, watch them very closely so that the veterinarian can find the cause of the uncleanliness even faster with your help.

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