Training and Husbandry of the Peruvian Hairless Dog

The Peruvian Hairless Dog is a lively fellow with a strong urge to move and enjoys running. Since these dogs are extremely intelligent and curious, they learn quickly and willingly. However, a certain stubbornness requires patience from the owner.

Can you keep the Viringo in an apartment?

While Peruvian Hairless Dogs are very active and lively when they are outside, they are calm and uncomplicated indoors. Keeping them in an apartment is therefore quite possible, provided the dog gets enough exercise every day.

Perro sin pelo del Peru: which diet is suitable?

The same principles apply to the diet of Peruvian hairless dogs as to all other dog breeds – a high proportion of meat and no sugar or additives. Otherwise, the Viringo is uncomplicated. Despite incomplete teeth, Peruvian hairless dogs can eat dry and wet food without any problems.

Tip: If you want to prepare the food yourself, you can discuss the composition with the vet to ensure that your Viringo gets a balanced diet.

Peruvian Hairless Dogs are not particularly prone to gaining weight. You should still be careful with treats and include them in the daily rations.

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