This Is Why You Shouldn’t Carry Your Dog In Your Arms All The Time

Many dog ​​owners think they are doing their four-legged friends a favor by picking them up on a regular basis. If people wear it all the time, it’s not good for your dog at all. You can find out why this is the case here.

Small dogs are especially often carried with them wherever they go, be it gardening or hiking. In some cases, this also makes sense – for example, put the dog in the car, climb steep stairs, or take a sick four-legged friend to the vet.

However, you should only carry the dog in exceptional circumstances. Because if it is cold only on your hand, you will deprive him of natural contact with the environment. Then it cannot decide for itself where to go and what to smell.

PetReader explains what reasons also speak against constant carrying in the hands:

Less Contact with Other Dogs

This sounds logical: if your dog is just spending time on your hand, he will not be able to run and play with other dogs. This is especially true for puppies. Because in the first few weeks of life, they learn to deal with their kindred. If you refuse this opportunity, they may later display abnormal behavior when interacting with other dogs. They may even be afraid when you are not around.

But adult dogs also need contact with the environment, with other dogs and people. Dogs are social creatures, they are curious and love to frolic. Whenever you have a protégé in your arms, you deprive him of this opportunity.

Less Confidence

Dogs that are carried only by hand literally lose contact with the ground. Imagine that you no longer have to walk or decide where you want to go. At some point, it really turns into self-doubt – your dog just hesitates so much.

Constant Wearing Leads to Physical Discomfort in the Dog

In addition to social and psychological consequences, carrying with you can also have physical consequences. Depending on how you hold your four-legged friend, it can affect his spine. Plus, your dog’s freedom of movement is limited. Veterinarian Dr. Schoenig warns that if your dog no longer needs to move, its motor skills can atrophy.

Too Little Movement

Dogs that no longer need to walk naturally exercise less overall. It is extremely important for your dog to stay healthy. Movement not only helps against obesity, but it also strengthens muscles, is beneficial for joints and the normal functioning of the body.

Carrying Your Dog Correctly

If you can’t avoid carrying a dog, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to his posture. Take it from the knees, not from your back.
  • Avoid bags. Until you take your dog with you on the plane, do not put it in your bag or backpack.
  • Hold your dog correctly. It is best to take large dogs by the hind and front legs so that their posture is the same as if they were lying or sitting. Make sure your dog’s body is supported and your hind legs are not drooping. Otherwise, it can hurt your four-legged friend’s back and make it difficult for him to breathe.
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