Be Careful In The Forest: This Is Why Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat Wild Garlic

Through the forest you can hear the smell of garlic – this is from the herb that grows and whets the appetite: wild garlic. But this is taboo for dogs and horses.

Dishes with wild garlic are tasty and healthy, but, unfortunately, this does not apply to everyone. The weeds are poisonous to dogs and horses. It destroys red blood cells and leads to anemia. This is due to the action of methyl cysteine toxin dimethyl sulfoxide in wild garlic.

The first symptoms of such poisoning are irritation of the mucous membranes. But it is difficult to diagnose in animals because they cannot report their complaints. Usually, the owner notices that something is wrong with his chosen one, only with diarrhea and vomiting. There is no real antidote.

The veterinarian can only try to stabilize the pet’s circulation with infusions. In the worst case, a blood transfusion will be required to replace the destroyed red blood cells.

Garlic is Poisonous to Dogs and Horses

It is difficult to say how much wild garlic is detrimental to dogs or horses. The dose depends on the weight of the animal and the number of toxins contained in wild garlic. Both are very different. This is why dog and horse owners are advised to simply not feed their animals with wild garlic, then they will be safe. Even on the paddock, it is necessary to remove wild garlic and onion from the ground.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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