The 16+ Cutest German Shepherds Currently Online

The German Shepherd dog ranks third in the ranking of the most highly intelligent, intelligent dogs. Dogs of this breed by nature have a high level of intelligence, with the right approach, they are perfectly amenable to training, can perform any work, tasks that for many other breeds turn out to be overwhelming. The versatile qualities of the breed are highly valued by specialists from various special services. German Shepherds are irreplaceable assistants in military service, army, patrol, and search service. Thanks to their well-developed intuition, keen instinct, and balanced psyche, the Germans are excellent guide dogs. A high mind is exactly what is highly valued and captivating in this breed.

#1 A versatile dog – the German shepherd can be described so simply. It combines excellent working qualities and the ability to adapt to life around people.

Probably because the popularity of this breed is not subject to "fashion" and is always high.

#2 German Shepherds are intelligent, capable of a variety of training and easily learn new commands.

These qualities have earned them the reputation of being a versatile service dog.

#3 German Shepherds are used for protection and protection, search and detention of criminals, as guide dogs and herding dogs.

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