The 10 Coolest Bichon Frise Dog Tattoo Designs In The World

One of the oldest breeds in Europe is the “curly” Bichon. As far back as ancient Rome, these white puppies were beloved companions of noble ladies. They have remained so for many centuries, particularly in Italy and France, where the Bichon can hardly be missing from a painting of aristocratic ladies The bichon not only made his mistress happy with his adorable nature but also fulfilled an important practical function – he served as a bed warmer and heating pad for sick people. Alert without barking too much, he is an ideal apartment dog. He loves going for walks, but sometimes he can do without. He can wrap his master around his finger and you just can’t be mad at him or resist his affection. Despite this, he is easy to educate with just words. The bichon is a highly adaptable companion. However, the robust, self-confident little fellow needs careful care if he is to look well-behaved. Thorough combing twice a week and bathing once a month are necessary. The tips of the corkscrew-like fur, which resembles that of the Mongolian sheep, are trimmed somewhat into shape. Advantage: he does not lose hair! This still rare dog is enjoying increasing popularity.

Below you will find the 10 best Bichon Frise dog tattoos:

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