10 Best Bichon Frise Dog Tattoo Ideas

The best known of the Bichons in this country is the Maltese, but the other three Bichon breeds are also becoming more and more popular. In America, the Bichon a poil frize is a widespread breed. You can often see him – for our taste – dressed up quite strangely.
Except for the Havanese, which comes in many different colors, Bichons are pure white. Bichon frize and Bolognese, on the other hand, have fluffy curls. To keep them clean and well-groomed, regular and thorough grooming is necessary. Those who shy away from it should rather opt for a short-haired breed. A bichon becomes matted very quickly and then also begins to stink if the anal and genital region is not kept scrupulously clean. And having such a small animal with sensitive skin and hardly any undercoat shorn in our latitudes can lead to health problems under certain circumstances. So the lighter strokes of these dogs are definitely not for rustic life on the farm. They are more suitable for a sheltered life in an apartment.

Below you will find the 10 best Bichon Frise dog tattoos:

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