Socializing of Deerhounds

Since a Deerhound has a certain hunting instinct, socializing with a cat can be a challenge. Due to the Deerhound’s instincts, a cat could be repeatedly provoked by the dog, which can ultimately result in a stressful coexistence or, in the worst case, even injury.

A Deerhound is generally considered to be fond of children and is the ideal family dog ​​for many pet owners. His patient and playful nature should bring a lot of joy to children.

Tip: How dogs treat children is logically always a consequence of their upbringing. No dog is born vicious or hating children.

A Deerhound is best suited for owners who lead an active life themselves and have plenty of time for extensive and demanding walks. A Deerhound could clearly overwhelm seniors.

Socialization with other dogs should normally take place without problems with good training and socialization. As previously mentioned, a Deerhound is reserved towards other dogs.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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