Nature and Temperament of the Deerhound

The Deerhound is an extremely lovable, loyal, and cuddly dog ​​that needs a lot of exercises. His large, rough exterior is deceptive, as he is particularly suited as a family dog ​​and is incredibly obedient and adaptable.

A Deerhound wants to please his owner and always do the right thing. In addition, dogs of this breed are very reluctant to be alone and love being together with the family.

A Deerhound has a physique typical of sighthounds and designed for fast sprinting. This makes him move quickly and smoothly. In addition, sharp-witted dogs have perfect eyesight and hearing and strong teeth.

A Deerhound is reserved and not aggressive or overly shy towards strangers or other dogs. In general, Deerhounds are calm and easy-going dogs who, despite everything, display a very active demeanor.

Tip: If you have one, you should make sure to keep an open eye on your other pets, since with such a breed, even with the very best upbringing, there is always the danger that the hunting instinct will take over from the said dog in a playful mood.

Because the breed was originally bred for hunting, the dog is characterized by qualities such as speed, strength, and endurance. This hunting instinct should not be neglected during walks.

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Written by Mary Allen

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