Select Kittens From Litter

Are you looking for a litter from which you want to choose a pair of siblings? Here you will find the most important things first, what you should pay attention to.

When Choosing Young Kittens From a Litter, You Should Pay Attention to the Following Things:

  • The mother cat makes a peaceful impression and lives in a loving environment, is healthy and well-fed, and devotedly suckles her little ones. Such a mother cat guarantees mentally stable young animals.
  • The kittens must not be taken away from the mother too early. Twelve weeks is normal for pedigree cats, domestic cats often have to say goodbye to their mother at six weeks, which is clearly too early. In no case should you adopt the kittens before they are at least eight weeks old?

Every additional week that kittens are allowed to stay with their mother has a positive effect on their social behavior.

  • Do you know the father of the kittens? Do not take offspring from a well-known village bully, as studies have shown that a tendency to be aggressive or peaceful is inherited from the cat’s father.
  • Also, inquire about the current behavior of their two favorites. Don’t take two who, as soon as they were born, have been beating their teats on their mother’s breast, or who are now adolescents more at odds with each other than with the other cubs.

In addition, the young cats should already have been examined by a veterinarian and have received the basic vaccinations.

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Written by Mary Allen

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