Renal Insufficiency in Cats: Causes

For example, kidney failure in cats can be caused by disease, injury, or age. You can read about possible reasons for the common cat disease here. 

Renal failure can be acute or chronic. Although the disease usually affects older cats, it can also occur in young cats and can be caused by the following causes, for example.

Possible Causes of Renal Failure

On the one hand, congenital causes such as kidney malformation are possible, as are tumors, cysts, and other pathological changes. Immune reactions can also promote the development of the disease. On the other hand, various types of infections, circulatory disorders, and inflammation of the kidneys or urinary tract can lead to damage to the organ. Often, however, it is simply the age of the cat that is causing the performance of the kidneys to gradually become weaker. In addition, there are various causes that often lead to sudden, acute kidney failure.

Kidney Weakness Due To External Influences

It is often poisoning from plants, pesticides, or other toxic substances that overwhelm the work of the kidneys and can lead to acute damage. Administering medication or its side effects can also have the same effect.

In addition, internal injuries, for example from an accident, can be possible causes of the disease. If bruising, circulatory disorders, or scarred tissue develop, this can permanently limit the work of the organ. A long-term improper diet, for example through too much food that is too high in protein, is also said to be able to promote kidney weakness.

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