Raising and Keeping the Frisian Water Dog

A Wetterhoun is usually easy to train. Being close to his people is very important to him and he constantly wants to learn new things. He can only get a bit stubborn when he feels he is being neglected or mistreated. But you should never do that anyway.

As previously mentioned, Wetterhoun cannot be alone for long. For example, if you live alone and are at work 8 hours a day, your Wetterhoun would become lonely and probably break things out of boredom. Of course, it’s not a problem to leave him alone for short periods of time. After all, dogs need to rest from time to time.

A Wetterhoun will not bark without a reason. He barks when chasing rabbits or otters or when playing with other dogs. But that’s normal. If you use him as a guard dog, he will bark when strangers want to enter the property. You can bribe your Wetterhoun with treats. You can praise him with it during training.

As you already know, the Wetterhoun is the ideal watchdog. However, train and raise them properly so that they are suspicious of strangers but not aggressive.

Wetterhouns are not suitable as first dogs. The Wetterhoun can be stubborn and exhibit bad behavior without proper training. Only experienced dog owners should keep a Wetterhoun.

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