Care and Health of the Frisian Water Dog

Grooming is easy and uncomplicated. Despite its medium-length curly coat, brushing its coat once a week is enough.

Note: Wetterhoun’s coat is water-resistant. Don’t wash your Wetterhoun too often.

When it comes to food, Wetterhoun has no special needs. Depending on how active the dog is, you can feed it a little more food to give it enough energy.

Note: If you use your dog for hunting, always feed it after work to avoid stomach torsion.

Of course, he should also have access to fresh water throughout the day. With good care, your Wetterhoun can live to be around 13 years old. Depending on the state of health, the age can also deviate upwards or downwards.

Fortunately, the Wetterhoun is a hardy dog ​​that is not prone to disease. In addition, there are only a few dogs of the breed.

Therefore, there are still no breed-related diseases caused by overbreeding. Wetterhouns are only sensitive to heat. Therefore, make sure that your dog does not get heat stroke, especially on hot days.

Activities with the Wetterhoun

Wetterhouns are very athletic dogs. They want to be challenged physically and mentally. As a family dog, he probably won’t hunt. Dog sport is a great alternative. Sports such as Canicross or Dog dance offer the dog a lot of exercises and at the same time strengthen the bond between humans and dogs.

The urge to move and the hunting instinct are also reasons why you should not let Wetterhouns live in the city. These dogs need a lot of exercises and the opportunity to let off steam.

A short walk during the day is not enough. Therefore it is better for the dog to live in a house with a garden or even on a farm.

When traveling, the Friesian Water Dog can be taken with you without any problems. A holiday where he can be in the water is especially nice for him.

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