Mudi – Responsible Herding Dog & Playful Member of the Family

Mudi is an extremely talented herding dog who, thanks to his friendly nature and playfulness, is perfect as a family dog. He is outgoing and affectionate towards his people and is a wonderful playmate for children. However, an active and intelligent four-legged friend has enough activity, because initially he spent whole days alone grazing herds of sheep and cattle.

Universal Guard Dog

Mudi is considered “the dog for everything” among the smallholders and herders of Hungary. He independently takes care of the cattle or reliably guards the dwelling. It is believed that the breed originated from the crossing of Hungarian Shepherds and small German Shepherds. The hardworking and affectionate Mudi has been recognized as a breed by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) since 1966.

Mudi Nature

Mudi are used to working independently. In their Hungarian homeland, the animals lead the herd to pasture, care for it all day, and in the evening they escort them back to the barn on their own. This activity requires intelligence and the ability to make decisions independently. Although the four-legged friend loves to submit to the sovereign and loving guidance of people, he always maintains certain independence, which is part of his charm.

Confident and alert, this dog is a loyal and affectionate companion who wants to be actively occupied, but also loves to play and cuddle with children. He has a very close bond with his family, with whom he spends as much time as possible and who he is devotedly protective.

Education & Attitude

On their own, the Mudi is considered easy to train dogs, as they are obedient and love to work with people. A prerequisite for this is good socialization from birth, which should continue in the new home. Once your puppy is comfortable with you, start training him. It is best to attend a puppy dog ​​class and then to a dog school. Training is successful if it is carried out with love and consistency and by a person whom the dog perceives as the “leader of the pack.” If your Mudi trusts you, he will make a great companion who will showcase his many talents in dog sports, for example.

The mobile Hungarian wants to play, run and solve mental problems. Mudi who is bored can become lethargic and aggressive. Therefore, if your Mudi is unable to herd farm animals at your home, you should give him enough time to spend time with him. Take him on long walks in nature and always give him new challenges. Quite busy, Mudi likes to sit with his family on the couch at home in the evening.

Mudi Care

Mudi does not require complex care. Usually, it is enough to comb them weekly. During the coat change, daily brushing sessions are recommended to remove dead hair.

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