Mittelspitz – Adaptable Companion with an Attractive Appearance

The Mittelspitz is a classic family dog with a long pedigree. As a former watchdog, he still watches over your home and yard today. His pronounced will to please makes it relatively easy for you to train an obedient four-legged friend, he is also considered clingy and likes to do things with his people.

From a Popular Guard Dog & Companion Dog to a Rarity

The Mittelspitz can look back on a long history: archaeological finds show that Spitz-like dogs lived in human settlements as early as 4,000 years ago. In the Middle Ages, the Mittelspitz served as vigilant watchdogs for peasants on the farm and with herds of cattle. For breeding, animals without hunting instincts were used, since at that time hunting was intended exclusively for the nobility, and poaching was severely punished. That’s why today’s elite is not interested in hunting.

Over the centuries, the Mittelspitz breed has proven to be a vigilant family dog. The animals were mostly found on farms, guarded craft workshops, and shops. Alert four-legged friends were also used by traveling humans such as peddlers and jugglers. Her loyal character and great devotion to her people made her popular – all the more unusual that the Mittelspitze was officially recognized as a subcategory of German Spitz only in 1969.

Today, many people prefer calmer dog breeds, and the Mittelspitz has become quite rare. Since 2003, the brisk dog has been on the list of endangered pet breeds, along with breeds such as the Great Spitz.

Nature of the Mittelspitz

Mittelspitz is suspicious of strangers and acts expectantly at first. He conscientiously announces visitors with barks. In general, these dogs are among the most sociable breeds and need consistent training from the very beginning so that the four-legged friend does not turn into a barker.

Otherwise, medium-sized dogs are very sociable dogs that love to be around people and don’t like to be left alone. Due to the “will to pleasure” and lack of hunting instinct, they are usually easy to handle and can often be well-led off a leash.

These four-legged friends are usually friendly towards other dogs. Intelligent blobs of energy learn quickly and in most cases are enthusiastic about canine sports such as dog agility or dog dancing. Some owners complete the training of their Mittelspitz to become guest dogs and take them to schools and nursing homes: because of his medium-size and open-minded nature, he is ideal for this activity.

Training & Maintenance of the Mittelspitz

A Mittelspitz who is eager to learn learns quickly and needs a loving upbringing with consistent rules. Indeed, in addition, to quickly learning commands and tricks, a smart four-legged friend will instantly figure out if you are careless. It is best to start teaching him the basics when he is still a puppy. Attending puppy playgroups and then courses at a dog school is the ideal basis for this.

Don’t forget that Mittelspitz loves variety: countless repetitions of the same exercise tire these dogs. On the other hand, the Mittelspitz are happy to take playing lessons with many variations and then enthusiastically take on the task.

You must also counteract young dogs’ desire to bark early on. Thanks to the desire to please and quick wits, the Mittelspitz quickly understands what is expected of him. Well-trained, you have made him a versatile companion dog that you can take with you to restaurants, nature walks, or camping trips.

The Mittelspitze are adventurous and ready for any adventure. This breed is extremely adaptable: four-legged friends get along equally well both in the house and garden in the country and in an apartment in the city. It is imperative that you test the dog physically and mentally enough, for example during long walks, while playing and romping, or during sports.

Mittelspitz Care

Despite its length and thickness, the coat of the Mittelspitz is relatively easy to care for: brushing a few times a week is usually sufficient. After hiking in the forest and fields, you should carefully check your four-legged friend for the presence of ticks, because these parasites find good hiding places in the thick undercoat. Therefore, a suitable remedy for ticks is also recommended.

With regard to nutrition, the Mittelspitz are unpretentious and uncomplicated: a high-quality food with a balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats is ideal.

Features of the Mittelspitz

Mittelspitz breeds are considered robust breeds with no known accumulation of hereditary diseases. With proper maintenance and care for the species, sufficient exercise, and quality food, your four-paws friend can live up to 15 years.

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