Lizard: What You Should Know

Lizards are reptiles along with crocodiles, snakes, and turtles. They have a skeleton with a spine and a tail, and they walk on four legs. They have scales that can be hard as armor.

The lizards include not only lizards, which are widespread in central Europe. This also includes iguanas, geckos, and monitor lizards. Chameleons are also lizards. They can change their skin color for camouflage to blend in with their surroundings. But they can also take on garish colors to impress opponents. The slow worm is also known to us. She is not a snake, as one might assume, but also a lizard.

Most lizards lay eggs. However, these do not have hard shells like chicken eggs. They’re more like rubber. Lizards don’t incubate their eggs either. They usually lay them in the sand and let the sun hatch.

Scientists are not quite sure which animals belong to the lizards. The term has formed among humans and is used a little differently everywhere. It is also not completely clear how the lizards are related to the other reptiles, to the birds, or even to the dinosaurs.

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