Irish Setter: Dog Breed Information

Country of origin: Ireland
Shoulder height: 55 – 67 cm
Weight: 27 – 32 kg
Age: 12 – 13 years
Colour: chestnut brown
Use: hunting dog, companion dog, the family dog

The elegant, chestnut-red Irish Setter is the most well-known of the setter breeds and is a widespread, popular family companion dog. But the gentle gentleman is also a passionate hunter and a spirited nature boy. He needs a lot of work and a lot of exercises and is only suitable for physically active, nature-loving people.

Origin and history

The Setter is a historical breed of dog that evolved from the French Spaniel and the Pointer. Setter-type dogs have long been used for hunting purposes. The Irish, English, and Gordon Setters are similar in size and shape to each other but have different coat colors. The best-known and most common is the Irish Red Setter, descended from Irish Red and White Setters and red hounds, and has been known since the 18th century.


The Irish Red Setter is a medium to large-sized, athletically built, and well-proportioned dog with an elegant appearance. Its fur is of medium length, silky soft, smooth to slightly wavy, and lies flat. The coat is short on the face and front of the legs. The coat color is a rich chestnut brown.

The head is long and slender, the eyes and nose are dark brown, and the ears hang close to the head. The tail is of medium length, set low, and is also carried hanging down.


The Irish Red Setter is a gentle, loving family companion dog and at the same time a spirited nature boy with a great passion for hunting, a lot of zest for action, and a willingness to work.

Anyone who wants to keep a setter as a mere companion dog because of its beautiful and elegant appearance is doing this intelligent, active creature no good. A setter has an irrepressible need to run, loves to be outdoors, and needs meaningful employment – be it as a hunting dog or as part of retrieval or tracking work. You can also make him happy with hidden object games or dog sports such as agility or flyball. The Irish Red Setter is only a pleasant, friendly, and cuddly house and family dog ​​if it is exercised accordingly.

The good-natured and philanthropic setter needs a sensitive but consistent upbringing and close family ties. He needs a clear lead, but a setter doesn’t tolerate unnecessary rigor and toughness.

If you want to get an Irish Red Setter, you need time, and empathy and should enjoy exercise in the great outdoors – regardless of the weather. An adult Irish Setter needs two to three hours of exercise and exercise every day. The pretty, red Irishman is not suitable for lazy people or couch potatoes.

Because the Irish Red Setter has no undercoat and doesn’t shed particularly heavily grooming isn’t particularly complicated either. However, the long hair should be combed regularly so that it does not become matted.

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