Hokkaido: Empathetic Companion with a Sense of Justice

The Hokkaido is an excellent hunting and guard dog, but it needs to be trained in experienced hands. A sensitive dog usually listens to only one reference person, whom he clearly must accept as the leader of the pack. When a Hokkaido is well socialized and has a deep bond with its individual, it proves to be a loyal and devoted companion.

Origin of Hokkaido

Hokkaido takes its name from the Japanese island where its ancestors are believed to have arrived during the Kamakura period as companions of immigrants from Honshu. Another name for a strong four-legged friend is Ainu-Ken. Ainu is the original inhabitants of Hokkaido; they raised animals for hunting game and bears. Bear hunting was vital to the Ainu, and the brave Hokkaido who fought the predators were highly respected. For this reason, the breed was declared a “natural monument” in 1937. In the same year, it was given the name “Hokkaido”. In Europe, dogs are rare.

Personality of Hokkaido

A medium-sized strong dog is considered extremely sensitive and has a pronounced sense of justice. He may react stubbornly or even aggressively to what is perceived as unfair treatment. For this reason, training requires a lot of experience and sensitivity from the dog.

At the same time, he is the so-called “lone dog”, which accepts only one leader of the pack as a boss. Other family members can count on his protection, but not on his obedience if they treat him with respect. In addition, the proud hunting dog is not a plush toy and is only marginally suitable as a family dog.

The courageous Hokkaido exhibits an elegant, reserved demeanor when meeting strangers, but can also react quickly and without warning if danger is sensed. He is extremely loyal and obedient to his acknowledged pack leader.

Education & Maintenance of Hokkaido

Hokkaido needs consistent and at the same time extremely delicate training from puppyhood. He builds a close connection with his only guide and wants her to confidently guide him. However, it also requires good socialization, so you should only buy Hokkaido from an absolutely reputable breeder.

Hokkaido thrives best in the hands of experienced dog owners. They have a strong desire to move and great stamina. Long walks in the fresh air are a daily duty. In addition, in order to be kept appropriate for the species, the Japanese need a house with a large garden in which to roam. Smart animals require mental and physical exercise every day and are ideal hunting companions.

Care of Hokkaido

Gently brush the coarse outer coat with a thick undercoat two to three times a week during shedding daily. Ears and teeth require thorough cleaning once or twice a week. Introduce your Hokkaido to daily grooming from an early age and he will appreciate it as a friendly gesture.

Features of Hokkaido

The Hokkaido is considered to be an extremely tough and hardy breed that strives to fulfill its strong desire to move even in snow and frost. However, since Hokkaido is very rare outside of Japan, there is a certain risk of inbreeding and therefore a risk of hereditary diseases.

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