Garden And Barbecues For Cat Owners – This Is Something To Consider

Simply wonderful to spend a warm night with guests on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. Here are our tips to make it wonderful for your cat too. As a cat owner, you should pay attention to these 10 things at a garden party.

Get outside, even in the evening! The summer encourages open-air festivals. But potential dangers lurk for cats. This is how the garden party becomes cat-friendly!

The Grill is a Source of Danger for the Cat

Cats are afraid of fire. But if the cat can’t tell that the grill is hot, it may give in to the enticing smell of meat and hop up. Therefore, make sure that the cat does not jump onto the grill.

Grilled Meat is Not Suitable for Cats

Your cat would certainly like to taste the grilled food. But that is far too strongly seasoned for cats and therefore taboo for cats. Also, charred, black spots can be carcinogenic. It is best to point out to the guests that they should not give in to the cat’s begging meows.

Pack the Leftovers From the Party Very Well

Pack the leftover food well so that the cat cannot get it. Warning: embers in the grill stay hot for a long time (and therefore dangerous).

Light Effects in the Garden: Beautiful and Dangerous

Lanterns and lanterns should not be missing at a summer party. However, a cat – excited by the abundance of guests and noises – can quickly knock down a lantern. Made of paper, these catch fire immediately.

Cat-Friendly Decoration

Some decorative items, such as streamers, encourage cats to play. It is best not to use anything with sharp edges or place the decoration in such a way that the cat cannot injure itself.

To All Guests: Please Do Not Lock the Doors!

The cat always needs the opportunity to retreat into the house or apartment. So if someone goes inside – for example to the toilet – do not close the balcony or patio door afterwards, unless of course you have a cat flap.

And One More Request to Your Guests…

Later in the day, outdoor parties are usually only dimly lit – make sure that nobody steps on your cat’s paws or tail.

Place Ashtrays Out of the Cats’ Reach

If there are smokers among your guests, be sure to set up the ashtrays so that they are inaccessible to the cat. Butts don’t belong on the floor either. The substances it contains are also unhealthy for cats and very dangerous if swallowed.

If Something Breaks, Sweep it Up Immediately

A glass, a bottle, lots of shards. That happened quickly at a party. It is best to sweep up immediately so that all cat paws remain intact.

Dogs Welcome: Does Your Cat Join?

Dogs are more often taken to an outdoor party than to indoor celebrations, especially in a household with cats. For cool cats that’s o.k. Anxious kitties can get the shock of their lives when a dog shows up on their territory and joins the party.

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