Fox: What You Should Know

Foxes are a group of mammals. The biologist tells it a genus. Their relatives include our domestic dogs and wolves. Foxes are predators. That means they hunt other animals to feed themselves.

The red fox is the most common. It lives in the northern hemisphere of the earth, but only where it is not too hot and not too cold. This is the temperate climate zone.

The arctic fox lives all over the world in the far north, where trees no longer grow. This is the tundra. The desert fox is also called the fennec fox. He is the smallest of all foxes. He lives in the Sahara desert. As soon as the areas become wetter, he no longer feels at home there.

There are many other species: The Andean fox lives in the Andes, as its name suggests. It is also called Andean Jackal. The Falkland fox was only found in the Falkland Islands, which lie east of South America, almost at the southern tip of the continent. The Falkland fox is extinct. A special feature is a gray fox. His name is that, but from a biological point of view, he is not a real fox.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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