English Pointer: Dog Breed Profile

Country of origin: Great Britain
Shoulder height: 61 – 69 cm
Weight: 25 – 30 kg
Age: 12 – 14 years
Color: white, lemon, orange, liver or black, also piebald or tricolor
Use: hunting dog

The English Pointer is the British pointer par excellence. It is a persistent, fast, and extremely active dog that has to be kept according to its disposition. The elegant and talented hunting dog is not suitable as a pure family companion dog.

Origin and history

The English Pointer is the pointing dog par excellence. Pointing dogs are fast hunting dogs that gallop for hours in search of the fields and – as soon as they have spotted game – remain motionless and bend their front paws. In this way, they signal to the hunter (English “to point” for indicating) exactly where the prey is without scaring it away themselves. The pointer descended from Spanish Pointer breeds, was further developed in England, and has so far contributed to the “refining” of many pointer breeds.


The Pointer is a symmetrically built, elegant, and slender hunting dog with an aristocratic appearance. Its body gives the impression of strength, speed, and endurance. Pointers can grow up to 70 cm tall and weigh 30 kg. They have short fur, brown, expressive eyes, and high-set, medium-length hanging ears close to the head. The tail is of medium length and is carried horizontally when in motion.

The Pointer’s coat is fine, short, strong, and glossy. Common coat colors are lemon and white, orange and white, liver and white, and black and white. All these colors can also occur in one color or three colors.


The Pointer is a friendly and even-tempered dog, but first and foremost it is a passionate gun dog that needs to be able to live out its special commanding qualities. It specializes in the open field hunting, where it can dash and circle in wide circles, and – by stopping suddenly – indicate to the hunter the game it has found. This form of hunting in the open field is rarely possible in Austria and Germany, so it will hardly be possible to meet the true needs of the pointer in this country.

The English Pointer is full of energy, eagerness to hunt, and the urge to move. A trained hunting dog obeys commands, but without a job that suits its disposition, it is difficult to train. Therefore, the English Pointer belongs in the hands of specialists who can steer its speed and its self-confident way of working. Since the English Pointer’s passion for hunting and running can hardly be curbed, this dog breed is also not suitable as a family companion dog. It should be hunted.

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