English Bulldog: Dog Breed Profile

Country of origin: Great Britain
Shoulder: 31 – 36 cm
Weight: 23 – 25 kg
Age: 10 -12 years
Color: solid, brindle, white and piebald, except black
Use: companion dog, the family dog

The English Bulldog is a small, powerful dog – fierce in appearance but lovable in disposition. Originally bred as a death-defying attack dog, the English Bulldog is still endowed with a strong personality and a large portion of willfulness. With the right upbringing, however, it is a good-natured and lovable companion who does not make any great demands when it comes to exercise and exercise.

Origin and history

The English Bulldog is an ancient bulldog breed – the first mentions of the Bulldog date back to the 17th century. The task of these breeds was to wrestle down bulls in battle. In terms of character, these dogs had to show courage and aggression, and when it came to their physique, the value was placed on a short snout, wide jaw, and short nose. The purpose of the short nose was that the dog could bite into the bull and get a good breath of air himself.

With the ban on dog fighting, the breeding goals also changed. After breed standards were first established in 1864, efforts were made to breed a peaceful and friendly family companion dog. Likewise, modern breeding avoids exaggerated features, such as a nose that is too short, a head that is too large, or a particularly wrinkled face, to ensure improved breathing.


The English Bulldog is powerful, brawny, and compact in appearance and quite stocky. At 25 kg, the English Bulldog is quite a heavy dog ​​for its size. The wrinkled head is quite large and massive about the body, the snout is short. The broad chest and the rather narrow rear are also striking. The ears are set high, set wide apart, and small and thin. The tail is set low, emerges fairly straight at the root, and then curves downwards. The fur is short, dense, and smooth. It can be solid (except black) or brindle, as well as white and piebald.


The English Bulldog has a strong personality, it is considered stubborn, passively dominant, and does not like to be subordinate. Its nature is lively, spirited, and playful. However, the English Bulldog’s physique doesn’t allow for nearly as much movement as its nature suggests. This sometimes leads to stress. English Bulldogs are extremely sensitive to heat and quickly suffer from shortness of breath even with minor exertion. Due to their relatively heavy body and short legs, they are also not gifted swimmers.

English Bulldogs are therefore also suitable for more comfortable people who like to look after and care for their dog and are looking for a companion who is also satisfied with shorter walks. The short, smooth coat is easy to care for, but the folds of the head and eyes must be kept clean.

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