Dogs Can Be Good Guests Too

Dogs are packed animals and want to be with them everywhere, even if their master or mistress is invited to a barbecue party or a family celebration. Many dogs enjoy accompanying their people to parties more than waiting for them at home alone. “A few simple rules and the stable relationship between dog and owners give the animal security in the unknown situation,” says Dr. Marion Ailer. The vet runs a practice with a focus on dog and cat behavior.

As with all guests, the same applies to the dog: good behavior makes a good impression. It is therefore particularly important that the dog obeys simple commands such as sit, down, or out. He should also have learned not to steal food from the table.

Whether you’re taking your dog to a party or celebrating at home, it’s important to think about the animal during the party. “Dogs often have set habits, such as specific times when they are fed or exercised,” says Ailer. “These should also be observed at parties.” It can make sense to appoint a family member in advance to take care of the dog. It is also important to observe the animal’s reactions to be able to create space for a time-out in good time.

If children also come to an event, they are often particularly happy about the animal guest. You pet the dog, play with it and maybe even want to feed it. As long as the dog owner is there and makes sure that the game doesn’t get too cocky, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Well-trained and with a little support from owners, a dog can easily show itself to be a good guest. An afternoon with family and friends becomes a real pleasure for two and four-legged friends.

Ava Williams

Written by Ava Williams

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