Dog Etiquette: Jumping Up Doesn’t Have To Be

Some dogs are overjoyed when their masters come home and show their excitement by jumping up on them. If the sociable dog showers “his” people and also strangers with so much affection when greeting them, it usually doesn’t go down well.

With a bit of consistency and patience, puppies and adult dogs learn to greet their fellow human beings with care and without jumping:

Give clear signals: Jumping is not desired

If a dog jumps at its owner, the owner should make it clear to his dog that his behavior is undesirable. “Getting stiff and tall and a blocking gesture such as a spread hand are effective signals here,” explains Anton Fichtlmeier, dog trainer and author of dog guides.

It is easiest if the puppy already learns that jumping up is not wanted. Otherwise, as an adult dog, he may consciously question the hierarchy.

If blocking without a command doesn’t work and jumping up is already provocative, then you can shout out ‘Ugh’ or ‘No’. It makes sense to redirect the behavior immediately and to motivate the dog to ‘sit’ with hand signals. Treats can also help with this exercise. Every dog ​​should learn that there are boundaries that he must not cross. In other situations, too, a dog’s behavior must be able to be stopped at any time.

Exude calm and squat down

It is important to note that there is a difference between whether the dog jumps at someone for joy or because it shows no respect. “Small dogs like terriers often jump around like bouncy balls and jump up on people when they’re happy,” says Fichtlmeier. “It often helps to calm down by squatting down and greeting the dog.” The dog lover should remain calm and not increase the enthusiasm of the dog with his enthusiasm.

If the dog stays calm and the encounters with familiar and strange people are controlled and stress-free for everyone, the goal has been achieved. Obedience and correct behavior should then always be rewarded – with a treat or an extra helping of cuddles.

Ava Williams

Written by Ava Williams

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