Dog Bites The Leash All The Time – What To Do?

If the dog bites the leash several times, the walk quickly becomes tiresome. But how would you react correctly in this case? We give advice.

Does your dog bite when you walk on a leash? Does it annoy you? Then know: your four-legged friend is not doing this to annoy you – instead, you should find out the cause of the bite.

You should ask yourself the following questions: Did your dog know what to do and what not to do when she was a puppy? He’s bored? Does stress relieve bites? Or does the dog just want to get your attention? If he succeeds, it strengthens him. According to experts,  harsh punishments are impossible.

Dog Bites the Leash: Change of Direction or Pace is Distracting

Instead, you should distract the dog, for example by frequently changing direction or pace. As a result, the fur nose needs to concentrate more and loses interest in the leash.

Instead of trying to pull the leash out of your mouth, just drop it and step on it with your foot. Then the four-legged friend will not be able to escape. The walk will not continue until the dog releases the leash.

Train the Completion Signal

Repeating and practicing the “off” or “no” signal with other objects in the house can also help you. If your dog uses the leash as a chew toy, you should use another object for him, but only if the animal does not bite the leash along the way. The reason: otherwise, the dog will mistakenly associate the bite with the toy, as experts explain.

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