Divorce: How to Help Your Dog

Divorce is always problematic. Divorce is also a difficult situation for the family dog. “Dogs bond with their fellow human beings. Losing a social partner is stressful – for the dog as well as for the human being,” explains behavioral scientist Mary Burch. “While there is no perfect way to help your dog through a separation or divorce, there are steps that can help ease the transition.”

  • If you share custody of your dog, it’s important to get your dog used to the separations. Always say goodbye to your dog without much effort and in a calm voice. This will teach your dog that the moment of separation is not something to be afraid of.
  • Stick to a fixed schedule. Dogs feel stressed and need a regular daily routine. Fixed structures and regular processes are the basis for the responsible handling of dogs and prevent the emergence of fear or nervousness.
  • After a separation, there is often a change of environment or a move. When looking for an apartment, take into account that it is in a dog-friendly environment and that flatmates or landlords have no objections to pets.
  • Before you introduce a new caregiver – a new partner or friend – also consider your dog’s sensitivities. Better you wait a while. This also gives you time to explain your dog’s habits to your new partner. For example, he prefers to sleep at the foot of your bed or how he prefers to be greeted.
  • Additional stroking long walks and lots of playful activities make it easier for your dog to separate and start over.

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