Collie – Scottish Beauty with Temperament

There are short-haired and long-haired varieties of Collies. It was through the media influence of TV dog Lassie that the long-haired version of the gentle herding dog became much more famous. However, apart from the length of the coat, the two types do not differ significantly.

Among the Sheep

Collies are true Scots whose ancestors were brought to the British Isles by the Romans. Back in the 13th century, there were Collies in Scotland with responsible jobs: as excellent shepherd dogs, they helped manage large herds of sheep. Visually, these early Collies were different from today’s picture. They were black or grey. Queen Victoria, a big dog lover, made the graceful dog socially acceptable as well as popular outside of agriculture. Since 1858, the Collie has been an officially recognized breed, divided into lines of the British and Scottish Collies. The type bred in America has a slightly thinner stature.

Collie Personality: Serve, Protect

Because of their intelligence and gentle nature, Collies make excellent companions and therapy dogs, as well as guards and working dogs. The nature of the Collie is characterized by great enthusiasm for work and complaisance. Collies need someone they trust as a leader, someone they can bond with. In addition, four-legged friends are very eager to please their people and are very obedient. By choosing a Collie, you are choosing an extremely loyal dog with a watchful and protective instinct. This is so pronounced that the dog may react suspiciously to strangers. So show your Collie as early as possible that your acquaintances and neighbors are “friends”.

Collie Education & Maintenance

Collies are very active and need to be kept busy, your dog will keep you busy. You probably cannot serve with a flock of sheep, but agility and obedience offer excellent alternatives. Daily long walks are a minimum. If he can be physically active, Collie behaves like an apartment dog. A feature of Collie is her increased need for communication: she loves to bark loudly. When training, the dog should be instructed to behave quietly in a spirit of good neighborliness. Collies tend to learn and learn commands faster than other breeds. Use only positive reinforcement: the dog should enjoy the training.

Collie Care

Despite the lush coat, Collies are easy to care for. Of course, you need to comb the dog carefully, paying special attention to tangles in hard-to-reach places, behind the ears, and in the joints. Otherwise, Collie’s excellent coat is practically self-cleaning. Because Collies often have sensitive digestive tracts, be careful when feeding and using quality foods. Offer the animal its daily ration, divided into several small portions. Hereditary drug intolerance is common among Collies. A prophylactic genetic test is recommended to avoid complications in an emergency.

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