Chinese Crested Dog: Breed Guide

Country of origin: China
Shoulder height: 23 – 33 cm
Weight: 3 – 5 kg
Age: 13 – 15 years
Color: all
Use: companion dog, companion dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is a very exotic phenomenon due to its almost complete hairlessness. The hairless dog is very uncomplicated and adaptable. It is easy to train, very affectionate, and an ideal apartment dog.

Origin and history

The origin of the Chinese Crested Dog (Chinese Crested) goes back far into prehistoric times and is also partly obscure. Hairless or barely-haired dogs have an ancient tradition in China. Bred with love and great care, they served as guardians of the treasures of the house and – the larger and heavier representatives – also as hunting dogs. Today, the Chinese Crested Dog is not very common in its homeland, but it is enjoying increasing popularity in the western world.


The Chinese Crested Dog is one of the truly exotic dwarf dog breeds. The most obvious breed characteristic is almost total hairlessness. The hairless dog only has a mop of hair on the head – which can look like a flowing horse’s mane or a punk hairstyle – hair on the paws resembling socks or booties and a bush of hair on the tail. But there are also completely hairless dogs, and vice versa crested dogs that are hairy all over the body, the so-called powder puffs. Powder Puffs have long soft hair all over their bodies and their appearance is reminiscent of tiny Afghan Hounds.

The Chinese Crested Dog has a very graceful body with a delicate bone structure. It has large, low-set ears, usually with long fringes of hair. The Powder Puffs can also have lop ears. The tail is long and straight and carried high when moving. Also noteworthy are the typical rabbit feet, which are particularly flexible and flexible.

All colors and color combinations are possible for the Chinese Crested Dog. Skin pigmentation changes with the seasons. In winter the skin is lighter than in summer. The most common colors are pink, brown, blue, and lavender, spotted or solid.


The Chinese Crested Dog is an extremely affectionate, particularly affectionate dog that is completely focused on its people. It prefers to follow its owner’s every step. It is rather reserved or suspicious of strangers. It is alert but not a barker and never vicious.

Chinese Crested Dogs are known to be smart, playful, and bright. They love to play and move and can also be enthusiastic about dog sports. They learn easily, are very obedient, adaptable, and easy to train. Therefore, they are also well suited for dog beginners or for working city people who would like to take their dogs with them everywhere. A Chinese Crested Dog is also an ideal companion for allergy sufferers and cleanliness fanatics. The hairless dogs are very clean, absolutely odorless, and free from vermin.

Despite their hairlessness, Chinese Crested Dogs are extremely robust and tolerate cold and wet conditions as long as they keep moving.

The Chinese Crested Dog’s hairy parts need regular brushing. In addition, the hairless Chinese Crested Dog needs an occasional bath and skin conditioning lotion.

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