Chinchillas Want Space to Climb

If you decide on a chinchilla, you have to know one thing: the beautiful rodents with their fluffy white fur and shiny button eyes need a lot of space. Otherwise, they will not feel well. They should be kept in pairs and need a very spacious cage. Because: Chinchillas like to climb for their life.

The Right Cage for Your Chinchilla

Chinchillas do not like to be alone and should therefore be kept at least in pairs. When choosing the cage, make sure that the floor pan is not made of plastic, but sheet metal. Since chinchillas like to gnaw for their lives and grate everything short and small that gets between the pearly whites, you have to pay attention to durable material.

Plastic bowls are not for chinchillas, and you have to expect that wooden parts in the cage will also be vigorously processed. So take rodent-proof bowls as well as a stable water trough and hay rack. Don’t forget the sand bath. A tilt-proof clay bowl filled with chinchilla sand. This will keep your animals clean and reduce stress at the same time. You must never bathe them!

Aviary for Two or More Animals

If you want to keep two chinchillas or even more, the pretty rodents need more space accordingly. A cage for two animals should have a volume of at least 3 m³ and the minimum dimensions of 50 cm wide and 150 cm high. For each additional chinchilla at least 0.5 m³ is additionally required. Tip: A room aviary offers space and the opportunity to install many climbing options. Because your animals want to scramble and want to go high. You will love levels, lying areas, and sleeping houses at lofty heights.

Where the Cage Should Be

Choose a location for the cage in a room where the chinchillas sleeping during the day will not be disturbed. In the evening, however, you can do something in the room, because your rodents are active at twilight and at night and are then happy to have a change. However, it shouldn’t be too loud or hectic – chinchillas are extremely sensitive. This also applies to temperature: protect your chinchilla from heat and direct sunlight. But you also have to avoid drafts. It is best to place the cage upside down against the wall.

Exercise is Important

Even if you offer your chinchillas a huge cage with plenty of climbing opportunities: exercise is still important. Your animals should be allowed to roam once a day. To do this, choose a chinchilla-safe room that has nothing lying around for your rodent friends to nibble on. Get rid of cables, poisonous houseplants, and other sources of danger, and always close windows and doors! Then the scurrying around in the room can begin – your chinchillas will be happy about the movement and variety in the run!

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