9 Tips: This is What Wellness Looks Like for Chinchillas

Chinchillas are South Americans and at home in the Andes, but sometimes they live with us too. They also have a few requirements – and you should know them if you want to offer the chinchillas a little bit of wellness. PetReader explains: This is what wellness looks like for chinchillas.

Chinchilla Wellness Goes Through the Stomach

Wellness for chinchillas is through the stomach and a daily menu consists of hay, grass, herbs, leaves, flowers, seeds, and lettuce. There is a fruit treat for dessert, but because of the sugar content, you shouldn’t give too much here. Herbs, flowers, and leaves can be offered dry and hay is important because it stimulates digestion. Because grass is not always fresh, a little more hay is fed in winter. Oilseeds complete the menu.

Nibbling Twigs Keep the Pearly Whites Fit

Because the teeth also need wellness and hygiene, there are twigs in between to nibble on so that the pearly whites wear out. Tip: Chinchillas get enough salt when they eat and don’t need a salt lick. Lime and vitamins do not have to be offered with top nutrition either.

Relax in the Hammock or in the Cave

Those who feast also want to doze comfortably: Chinchillas can hang out in the hammock or in a cave. Since the animals are sociable, individual keeping is not an option. So the relaxation cave can be bigger so that you can cuddle together under a dim, protected wicker basket.

Fit with Sport and Chic in the Sand Bath

Chinchillas are curious and active: whether rope, seesaw, footbridge, tube, ladder, tunnel – anything that is fun and keeps you fit is allowed. By the way, the standard is the sand bath for grooming. There is sand specially made for chinchillas. Be careful: all other types of sand are not suitable, for example, because they are too coarse or too dusty. The ceramic sand pool should be large enough for the animal to turn around and poke around in it.

Sleeping Houses for the Cozy Flat Share

Chinchillas need a spacious enclosure so that everything fits in, especially since if there are several animals, each darling should have a sleeping house. Then you can freely decide whether you want to snuggle up to each other or whether you prefer to sleep solo.

Chinchillas Need Space

A couple needs at least five square meters of space and 1.5 meters high – but it can be more. Because: Chinchillas want to romp, run, climb and there must also be a hay rack, food, and water bowl. Some of the little rascals even get their own room – and there would even be space for a cat scratching post, which is also suitable for adventurous chinchillas.

The Rodents Like It Calm, Warm, and Dry

The home should not be in the sun or get a draft. Wellness for chinchillas only works with the right temperature of around 20 degrees and low humidity of around 30 percent. Chinchillas like it quiet and undisturbed because they are easily frightened.

Wellness Oasis with Special Litter

Wellness for chinchillas should feel pleasant under their paws: cat litter clumps are too dusty and can be swallowed. The best choice is chinchilla litter made from corn, hemp, flax, or wood.

No Open-air Attitude, Cold or Wet

By the way: chinchillas are happy to have exercise, but outdoor housing is not for them. The rodents do not cope well with cold and moisture …

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