Cattle: What You Should Know

Cattle are a genus of mammals. Males and females have smooth horns. All cattle are vegetarian and ruminant. They feed mostly on grass. They then lie down, choke the grass from the forestomach up into their mouths and chew it again. Then they swallow it down the right stomach. The best known is our domestic cattle.

Cattle can vary greatly in size: from head to rump, some measure less than two meters, others over three meters. There is also a tail that is about a meter long. They are 70 centimeters to two meters high at the shoulders. So this is more than one man. They are also very different in weight: they weigh 150 to 1000 kilograms. So a cow can become as heavy as a small car. The females are each slightly smaller than the males. Females have slightly shorter and thinner horns than males.

Originally the cattle lived in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. Cattle include all buffalo and thus also the American bison and the yak. On our farms, we mainly see the domestic cattle from which our milk comes. The domestic cattle were bred from the aurochs, which was also a bovine. Today, however, it is extinct. Other cattle were also made into pets. This is why cattle are now kept as pets in South America, Australia, and Oceania.

Goats are not cattle. They form a separate genus, as do the sheep. Cattle, goats, and sheep belong to the bovid family, along with many antelope.

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