Can Dogs Eat Liverwurst?

Liver sausage and dog, that’s a book-like duet, isn’t it? I mean, come on, what dog doesn’t love liverwurst?

Because your dachshund Klaus-Dieter also loves them, you are rightly asking yourself: “Are dogs even allowed to eat liverwurst?” and “Can dogs eat bread with liverwurst?” – because Frauli likes to share so much.

In this article you will find out whether you can feed your dog liver sausage without hesitation or whether there is perhaps a better alternative.

In a nutshell: Can my dog eat liverwurst?

Yes, your dog can occasionally eat liverwurst! In small amounts, it is well tolerated by most dogs. Nevertheless, it does not belong regularly on the menu of our four-legged friends. Excessive amounts of vitamin A can lead to dizziness, nausea, tiredness and headaches.

Unfortunately, salt, spices, stabilizers, and other additives, such as those found in conventional liver sausage, are also harmful to our dogs.

What is in liverwurst?

The main ingredients of liver sausage are usually pre-cooked pork, liver (pork, poultry, beef, or veal), and bacon. Liverwurst can also contain the following ingredients:

  • Nitrite curing salt
  • pepper
  • cardamom
  • Ginger
  • pimento
  • thyme
  • bee honey
  • marjoram
  • fried onions
  • vanilla
  • mace
  • additives
  • color stabilizers

You also think that doesn’t sound like a good mix for your dog? We do too and that’s why here comes a great alternative for you!

Multifit liver sausage for dogs

You can now also find liverwurst for dogs and cats in any well-stocked feed store. For example the one from Multifit, with fine liver, no added sugar, and in a practical tube.

Why is the tube useful?

Because you can reward your dog with this treat on the go. In contrast to crumbly and smelly treats in every jacket pocket, you can simply put your tube of liverwurst in your pocket, turn it up when needed, and let your dog lick it.

Liver sausage is also perfect for administering disgusting medication. So your dog will swallow every tablet with certainty!

Attention danger!

Liverwurst hits the hips properly. So if your dog tends to be overweight, he should avoid this treat!

Can all dogs eat liverwurst?

Yes, all healthy dogs are allowed to snack on liverwurst every now and then. The dog delicacy can also be very helpful for training your puppy.

At best, use liverwurst that has been specially made for canine consumption. That way you won’t harm your dog.

Important to know:

Liverwurst is not a main ingredient in dog nutrition. If your dog has had more liverwurst than usual in one day, you should deduct this from its normal feed ration.

Can dogs eat bread with liverwurst?

Which dog owner doesn’t know it: as soon as you make yourself a sandwich, your dog is at the start. Because all dogs have one thing in common, they just never get enough to eat – at least from their point of view!

Now you have lovingly lubricated your sandwich and then this: It falls out of your hand and lands directly in Bello’s mouth. Nom, Nom, Nom and gone is the liverwurst! But…. Can he do that?

A bread with liverwurst will not kill your dog!

However, neither bread nor commercial liver sausage are suitable for dogs due to their ingredients!

You don’t need to panic right away though!

Monitor your dog after accidental consumption. If anything seems strange to you, contact your vet as a precaution.

Dog & liver sausage to the point

Yes, dogs are allowed to snack on liverwurst occasionally and they all love them. Or have you ever met a dog who rejected them?

Commercial liverwurst contains many ingredients that are harmful to dogs in large quantities.

Luckily, the dog food industry has already jumped on the liverwurst bandwagon and developed liverwurst for dogs and cats. You can find these at almost any pet store.

Liverwurst is great for hiding medication that your dog wouldn’t eat otherwise. Liver sausage tubes are also perfect for daily training!

Do you still have questions about feeding liver sausage? Please leave us a comment below this article.

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