Bonding Between Humans and Dogs: This is How Dog Owners Playfully Create Trust

For both sides to enjoy living together, there must be a stable bond between humans and dogs. Therefore, when a puppy moves into its new home, it needs attention, patience, and consistency.

In this way, he can trust “his” people, and the bond is slowly built up. Playing together can also make a big contribution.

Arousing interest: “Toys that are always freely available quickly become boring,” knows dog trainer Katharina Queiber. Dog owners should therefore keep their new pet’s toy in a box, for example, and take it out for a few minutes several times a day. This makes it interesting for the young dog and he learns that his master and mistress don’t always want to romp around with him.

Build trust: Proximity and physical contact during the game build trust. “Dog owners can curl up on the floor, encourage the puppy to play, and let it climb on top of them,” Queißer suggests. “The puppy should always decide how much closeness he wants.” If the game gets too wild, you should withdraw to show the dog its limits.

Offer variety: Even the daily walk is an experience for the pup if “their” people add a game from time to time: Running and movement games keep the dog fit and make the two-legged friend a coveted partner. Search games with treats mentally challenge the four-legged friend and encourage their attendance.

Include education: Young dogs can also playfully learn their first commands. “To teach their puppies how to give out prey, for example, dog owners can encourage them to put their toys in their hands with an exchange offer,” says Queiber. “As soon as the dog lets go of the prey, the signal ‘Off!’ and he gets his reward.”

Whether playing or in everyday situations: New dog owners should make themselves an interesting, trustworthy “team partner” for the puppy without harassing them. Then the foundation for a good bond is laid.

Ava Williams

Written by Ava Williams

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