Body Of Water: What You Should Know

A body of water is a larger body of water in nature. There are standing bodies of water such as lakes and seas. In other bodies of water, the water flows, just like in rivers. But there are also bodies of water underground: the groundwater. There is a spring where the groundwater flows out of the ground.

Natural running waters are rivulets, streams, rivers, and streams. A canal is a waterway built by humans. So it is an artificial river. All watercourses are inland waterways. So you are not part of a sea.

There are also inland water bodies in which the water stands. They are called still waters. These include ponds, ponds, and lakes. Puddles or ponds are also water bodies. However, they are not always filled with water and regularly dry out. A reservoir is a lake that has been created artificially. A dam is built for this purpose. Most inland waters contain fresh water. But there are also salt lakes, i.e. inland bodies of water with salt water.

In addition to inland waters, there are the seas. They surround the continents and are connected to each other. The largest seas are called oceans. The oceans cover most of our planet. In the seas the water is salty.

The bodies of water are the habitat of countless animals and plants. They have adapted to different types of water bodies. We humans take our drinking water from many inland glasses of water and springs. That’s why it’s so important that we protect the waters and make sure they don’t get polluted.

The science that studies the bodies of water on the earth’s surface is hydrology. These scientists are hydrologists. The expression comes from the Greek and roughly means “teaching of water”.

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