Birds Of Prey: What You Should Know

Birds of prey feed on living and dead animals. They circle in the air and spot their prey. Then they shoot down and grab them with their feet, hence their name. The prey is often killed by the impact.

Birds of prey include eagles, vultures, buzzards, hawks, and a few others. The various birds of prey hunt a variety of prey: smaller mammals such as mice, and marmots, but also birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even larger insects are part of their diet. Many species of birds of prey also eat carrion, i.e. carcasses of animals. Even eagles frequently eat carrion.

The vulture species even live only on carrion. Your own enemy is above all man. It changes the landscape so that breeding sites are missing and the prey species are declining. Birds of prey used to be called birds of prey and were shot down. Hunters even got money for shooting birds of prey. Many stories contributed to this, for example, birds of prey are said to have killed lambs.

The “Bird Griffin” is also available as a fairy tale character. His fairy tale appears in the collection of the Brothers Grimm. It is often depicted as a heraldic animal: a lion’s body with the feet, wings, neck, and head of a bird of prey.

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