Bedlington Terrier: Dog Breed Information

Country of origin: Great Britain
Height at shoulder: 38 – 43 cm
Weight: 8 – 11 kg
Age: 14 – 15 years
Colour: blue-grey, liver, sand
Use: companion dog, the family dog

The Bedlington Terrier belongs to the group of long-legged terriers and comes from Northern England. Despite his lamb-like appearance, the Bedlington is a terrier through and through. Courageous, spirited, self-confident, and ready to defend.

Origin and history

The history of origins of this little-known dog breed can be traced back to the 18th century. The ancestors of the Bedlington Terrier were Scottish terriers, which were crossed with whippets and otterhounds, among others. The Bedlington was once used by poor English miners in the Bedlington area to hunt otters, rats, and other rodents. The first breed association for the breed was formed in England in 1877. Because of his courageous nature and the sheep-like shearing, he is also called a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.


The Bedlington Terrier is a medium-sized, high-legged terrier. Its fur is blue-gray, liver-brown, or sand-colored. The head is pear-shaped, and the drooping ears are fringed at the ends. The body is quite wiry, and the tail, set low, tapers and is carried downwards. The characteristic of the Bedlington Terrier is its thick, slightly curly hair, which sticks out from the skin and should not be wiry. The arched back is also striking in its appearance.


Like all terrier species, the Bedlington Terrier is a spirited, courageous and self-confident dog. He is very intelligent and has a strong hunting instinct. He is friendly to people, the Bedlington does not tolerate other dogs – especially males – only reluctantly in his territory. He is alert and quite ready to defend “his” people and their belongings, but barks little. In the family, he is an affectionate and affectionate housemate who is very fixated on his caregiver.

The Bedlington Terrier is easy to train and enthusiastic about all kinds of dog sports activities. He loves movement, play, and activity and is also an adaptable house dog if he has enough exercise. Not least because his curly coat doesn’t shed. Fur care is a bit more complex: the fur must be trimmed regularly with scissors, otherwise, it becomes very long and can easily become matted.

The Bedlington is a very robust dog and often lives to be 15 years or older.

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