50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Boston Terriers (with Names)

Boston Terriers are a popular breed known for their compact size, playful personalities, and expressive faces. Here are 50 celebrities who own Boston Terriers, along with their names:

Adam Sandler – Meatball
Alec Baldwin – Wally
Ben Affleck – Serafina
Blake Lively – Penny
Brad Pitt – Otis
Carrie Underwood – Ace
Channing Tatum – Lulu
Charlize Theron – Tucker
Christina Applegate – Sadie
Courteney Cox – Hopper
David Boreanaz – Hank
David Duchovny – Blue
Dennis Quaid – Peaches
Emma Stone – Ren
Eric Stonestreet – Coleman
Fergie – Meatloaf
George Clooney – Einstein
Gisele Bundchen – Lua
Gwen Stefani – Winston
Hayden Panettiere – Indigo
Hillary Duff – Peaches
Hugh Jackman – Dali
Jake Gyllenhaal – Boo Radley
Jennifer Garner – Moose
Jessica Alba – Sid
Jonah Hill – Carmela
Julianne Hough – Lexi
Kate Hudson – Bella
Katy Perry – Butters
Kelly Osbourne – Prudence
Kristen Bell – Lola
Lisa Vanderpump – Giggy
Maria Menounos – Maximus
Martha Stewart – Francesca
Megan Mullally – Willa Mae
Miley Cyrus – Happy
Miranda Lambert – Cher
Neil Patrick Harris – Gidget
Reese Witherspoon – Coco Chanel
Robert Downey Jr. – Ally McBeal
Ryan Reynolds – Baxter
Selma Blair – Wink
Sharon Osbourne – Bella
Snoop Dogg – Bambi
Sofia Vergara – Baguette
Taylor Swift – Bug
Tina Fey – Bailey
Tom Brady – Lua
Uma Thurman – Nina
Wilmer Valderrama – Woody

From classic names to more unusual choices, these Boston Terrier names reflect the unique personalities of their famous owners. No matter what their name is, Boston Terriers are beloved by many and will always be popular companion dogs.

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