5 Best Halloween Costumes For Duck Tolling Retrievers

The little retriever is a hunting dog. He wants a more sporty family. He needs a close family connection. Ideally, in addition to daily long walks through nature, there should also be dog sports such as popular sports, agility, or flyball. With the latter, as well as with his fetching friends, you always have to be careful that he doesn’t become a fetching junkie. The toller can be kept in an apartment if you take him out a lot. Of course, a house in a rural area is better. There are also tollers that are hunted. Here, in addition to his special disciplines of retrieving and water work, he is also good at tracking. A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is very easy to train. He has an open nature and wants to learn and orientate himself toward his master and mistress. With his intelligence and his Scottish stubbornness, he sometimes challenges the parenting skills of his people. With a little expertise, consistency, and especially a loving bond between two- and four-legged friends, such challenges can be mastered very well. The Toller also forgives mistakes in the upbringing. He is also considered a dedicated beginner. This very social, sensitive dog needs a firm guiding hand, but not one that is harsh or barracks-style. The basis of every upbringing is a close mutual bond and respect.

#1 The first thing to realize is that the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a trained hunting dog.

Its elements are water and retrieving ideally from water. A good swimmer, he is a talented and reliable fetcher on water and on land. His pronounced sense of retrieval and his play instinct were the indispensable basis for his ability to attract ducks.

#2 Today they are an excellent basis for his role as a family dog ​​and friend to the children.

The Toller is very fond of children and family-friendly. The play instinct stays with the toller throughout his life and into old age.

#3 He likes to comment loudly on the game or the arrival of strangers.

He is considered a vocal dog. He is reserved towards strangers, but not aggressive. He also does well as a guard dog. He defends his territory.

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