14 Best Coton de Tulear Costumes For Halloween 2022

In French colonial times, the small, handsome Coton de Tuléar was a French upper-class dog in Madagascar. Today, fortunately, he pleases far more dog lovers with his enchanting nature and distinctive appearance. However, depending on the region, fans of the breed have to travel long distances to be able to call one of these companion dogs their own: the Coton de Tuléar is still exceptional today.

#1 This charmer melts the hearts of many dog lovers at first sight, because he just looks adorable.

No wonder, because the first part of the name already refers to an obvious characteristic of the breed: "Coton" is French for "cotton" and refers to the fluffy exterior of the little dog, which weighs around 6 kg. The soft coat is always white, although small flecks of lemon yellow or gray are permitted - these are particularly found near the lop ears. According to the standard, the coat must not feel harsh or rough, is lush, and can fall in slight waves. The nose is mostly black, with a brown tint being accepted. Likewise, the widely spaced eyes are black or brown. The shoulder height is about 28 to 30 cm, whereby the dog should always be longer than high according to the standard.

#2 Like all Bichons, a Coton de Tuléar does not require a great deal of exercise in the form of hours of hiking, but he does love to play and romp in the fresh air.

#3 Of course, the adult “cotton dog” will be happy to accompany you when you lace up your hiking boots.

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