21 Celebrities and Their Beloved Tibetan Spaniels (with Names)

Tibetan Spaniels are a breed of dog that have been cherished by many for centuries. With their small size and loving personality, it’s no wonder that so many celebrities have fallen in love with these furry friends. In this article, we will take a look at 21 celebrities and their beloved Tibetan Spaniels, along with their names.

Carrie Fisher – Gary
Miley Cyrus – Bean
Miranda Kerr – Frankie
Lisa Vanderpump – Pikachu
Jennifer Love Hewitt – Bella
Kirstie Alley – May
Sophia Bush – Patch
Jane Lynch – Olivia
Judy Greer – Buckley
Kelly Osbourne – Prudence
Andy Cohen – Wacha
Ali Wentworth – Sadie
Kelly Ripa – Chewie
Chris Colfer – Brian
Ann Curry – Gracie
Selma Blair – Teddy
Rebecca Romijn – Better
Alan Cumming – Honey
Jillian Michaels – Baxter
Karen Gillan – Stanley
Martha Stewart – Genghis Khan

These celebrities have all welcomed Tibetan Spaniels into their homes and have formed strong bonds with their furry friends. Each dog has their own unique personality, but they all share a loving and affectionate nature. From cuddling on the couch to going on walks together, these celebrities and their Tibetan Spaniels have created many wonderful memories.

In conclusion, Tibetan Spaniels are a breed of dog that have captured the hearts of many celebrities. With their small size and loving personality, it’s easy to see why these furry friends have become such beloved pets. If you’re considering adding a Tibetan Spaniel to your family, take a cue from these celebrities and give one of these lovable dogs a forever home.

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